Technical Specifications

Electrical Power Measurement

S.No Description/Parameters Specifications
1 Input Connection Type 3-Phase Star/Delta Connected
2 Input Voltage (LT) 415 RMS (L-L)(-40% to +20%)
3 Input Current (LT) 500A (Clamp on CT)
4 Input Voltage(HT) 110 RMS (L-LX-40% to +20%) (Panel PT’s with class 1 or class 0.5 accuracy is preferred)
5 Input Current (HT) 5A (Clamp on CT)(Panel CT’s with class 1 or class 0.5 accuracy is preferred)
6 Power Measurement Accuracy Class 1 (as per IEC62053-11)
7 Program Mode Selection LT/HT, 500A/5A, Star/Delta
8 Safety Protections Protection against high voltage surge Transients, EMI, ESD ETC
S.No Vibration and Temperature Measurement
1 Vibration Sensor Type Accelerometer
2 Vibration Velocity Range 0-10 mm/s
3 Accuracy 0.5% OFS
4 Temperature Sensor Type RTD – PT 100
5 Temperature Range 0-200 deg c
6 Accuracy 0.2% OFS
S.No Computation Process
1 Motor Performance Analysis By equivalent circuit compulation method
2 Computation Algorithm Propnetary algorthm with less than 1 % error on equivalent circuit parameter optimization
3 Analysis Mode Spot analysis mode and continuous analysis mode
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