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Induction Motor Performance Analyzer


  1. The ETPL Portable IMPA 2000 is a portable instrument, with which one can perform spot analysis on the test motor. This instrument is best suitable for conducting on-site energy audits. The unit was built around ARM controller and precision energy measurement circuits.
  2. The IMPA is designed to work for both LT and HT motors, the motor terminal voltages are measured directly (440 VLL rms) by clamping on the motor terminal and the motor current is measured by using clamp – ON current transformers (CT).
  3. In the case of HT motors, the motor terminal voltages are measured by connecting the IMPA unit to the secondary of potential transformers (PT) used in the HT panels (110 installed in the HT panel (5A or 1A).
  4. The speed sensor, Vibration sensor and Temperature sensor are mounted on appropriate locations on the motor and are connected to the IMPA unit through external cable. The stator resistance is measured through milliohm meter and is fed into the IMPA unit for calculations.

Principle of Operation IMPA 2000

Working principle of operation IMPA analyzer uses 3 phase voltage and current waveforms along with non-contact speed sensor to measure shaft speed of the motor to calculate slip, motor speed, output power, torque and efficiency. The equivalent circuit Parameters are calculated and displayed which is the basis for the measurements.
Torque measurement is authentic 100% which can be proved in the test bench if there is any doubt.

  1. Proprietary algorithm to compute equivalent circuit and efficiency
  2. Data Storage for detailed Analysis

Technical Specifications of IMPA.


Vibration Temperature Measurement


Vibration sensor type




Vibration velocity range 

0-10 mm/s



0.5 % OFS


Temperature Sensor Type

RTD –PT 100


Temperature Range

0-200 deg c



0.2 % OFS

S.NODescription / ParametersSpecification
1.Input conn type3 ph Star /  Delta conn
2.Input Voltage (LT)415 RMS (L-L) (-40% to +20%)
3.Input Current (LT)500A (Clamp on ct
4.Input  Voltage (HT)110 RMS (L-L) (-40% to +20%) Panel PTs with class 1 or 0.5 accuracy is preferred.
5.Input Current (HT)5A Clamp on CT Panel CTs with class 1 or class 0.5 accuracy is preferred
6.Power Measurement AccuracyClass 1 (as per IEC62053 -11 )
7.Program Mode Selection

LT/HT ,500A/5A

Star /Delta

8.Safety ProtectionsProtections against high voltage surge Transients EMI,ESD ETC


Version IMPA 1.2 user friendly software allows various graphs Power flow diagram, pie chart etc. to be prepared as required between Parameters to Parameter, Parameter Vs Real time.


  1. Efficiency Measurement of motors
  2. Torque Measurement of motors
  3. Losses Evaluation
  4. Motor best operating point (BOP)
  5. Preventive maintenance
  6. Checking the performance and efficiency after rewinding
  7. Replacement with new motor based on evaluation data
  8. All the parameters are measured instantly online with a one-second update rate
  9. Energy saving ROI Calculation based on actual measurement of IMPA.
  10. The data logger proved 5000 data’s can be collected at a time after which download it to a laptop/system and empty the data storage for fresh collection of data’s.

Measurement of IMPA
Complete (21) Electrical Parameters and (5) Mechanical Parameters Besides Vibration and Temperature and Speed for the complete Analysis performance.

electrical parameter ,electrical power ,power factor ,(unbalance Volt and current R Y B ) ,harmonic ,( R,Y,B voltage) ,(R,Y,B, current) ,(R,Y,B Volt THD) ,(AMP THD R,Y,B) ,active power ,apparent power ,reactive power ,Frequency , Harmonics measurement until 50th Harmonics is possible.

Measurement accuracy is very good. Power measurements and speed and Efficiency measurements accuracy class (as per IEC62053-11) CLASS 1 & CLASS 0.5% accuracy it would mean the error is only 0.5% voltage & current measurements.