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Torque Measurement of MOTORS

Induction Motor Performance Analyser

The Induction Motor Consumes 60 % to 70 % of the total energy of plant .Monitoring the operating  parameters would allow us to save energy from 10 % to 15 %

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// Energy Efficiency through Motors

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Earth Tekniks developed the Induction Motor Performance Analyzer (IMPA) with technology support from CSIR -CSIO Chennai Centre. An Accurate Field Tool for Determining Induction Motor Performance and Induction Motor Efficiency The Models.

1..Spot Analysis Mode: (SAM)
2 Continuous Analysis Mode: (CAM)


Efficiency Measurement of MOTORS

Efficiency Measurement of MOTORS

Torque Measurement of MOTORS

Torque Measurement of MOTORS

Losses Evalution

Losses Evalution
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Comprehensive Measurements

Electrical parameters such as Voltage, Current, Frequency, Apparent Power, Active Power, Reactive Power, Power Factor, Energy Consumed, Harmonics and Unbalance. Mechanical Parameters such as Speed in rpm, Slip, Output Power, Torque, Motor Efficiency, Individual Losses, and Total Losses, Vibration in mm/s, and Temperature.

All the parameters are measured instantly on line with a one-second update rate. The main advantage of the IMPA is its ability to compute individual losses happening in the motor such as,

// Development of Induction Motor Efficiency Monitoring System

Induction Motor Performance Analyzer

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